M28 Training - Intro

M28 Global Discipleship Training

This training is provided for all those who wish to reach international students (or other spiritual seekers) with the love and message of Jesus Christ, lead them to faith in Christ, and equip them to be disciple-makers in their cultures (or wherever God sends them).


This application contains all the information needed to deliver the M28 Start-Up Training in approximately 8 hours (e.g. Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon, or Saturday morning and afternoon, or other workable schedules).


Our vision is to see nations transformed by multiplying disciple-making communities in every dimension of society--using the M28 Global Discipleship approach. We invite you to join us in this extraordinary global-impact opportunity!


Typical training topics include:

  • M28 Need, Vision, and Strategy

  • M28 Principles, Values, and Distinctives

  • M28 Tools, Process, and Passages

  • M28 Bible Discovery Experience

  • M28 Lifestyle, Coaching, and Multiplying

  • M28 Personalized Ministry Plan


Please contact us to learn more about M28 training opportunities.