M28 Training - Session 6

M28 Implementation Plan

Spend time praying and discussing how you will launch M28 in your area.

Questions to consider:

  • How will we make prayer a priority?

  • What are the open doors on campus?

  • What are the challenges?

  • What are the needs that aren’t being met?

  • Which students are not being reached by anyone or which strategic people groups are not being touched?

  • What are some possible access points among that group where we could enter?

  • Who has God already brought to you? Who might be a spiritual seeker?

  • What are the “affinity groups” that they might be able to access?

  • Who are potential student leaders?

  • Has God brought any Christian international students to your group?

  • How will you include them in launching M28?

  • Are there others whom you need to train in M28 to bring onto this team?

  • When will you launch? How?

  • What different types of environments will you offer? (e.g. Friday night with food and games, small groups on campus during the week, Girls’ Night Out, Hike and Study, etc.)

  • What different types of groups will you seek out on campus? (e.g. student clubs, intramural sports, culture nights, Facebook groups)

  • Who will coach? Who will facilitate?


Describe Your M28 Implementation Plan:

  • Who will you focus on reaching?

  • Who will you recruit/engage to help?

  • What will be your approach/process?

  • When will you begin?


M28 Resources

  • M28 Mobile App (search/download "M28 Global Discipleship")

  • M28 website

  • God's Story App (search/download "God's Story" for Android, "God Story" for iOS)

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