M28 Training - Session 1

M28 Vision

Transforming nations by multiplying disciple-making communities in every dimension of society

Why M28?

  • Previous approaches were not reproducing enough disciple-makers

  • Successful Church Planting Movement (CPM) could be adapted for international student ministry

  • A way to reach more students and strengthen their commitment to disciple-making

  • Imprints a disciple-making lifestyle that is reproducible around the world

M28 Principles

  • Prayer is essential

  • God's Word is our authority

  • God's Word and the Holy Spirit are enough to lead people to Truth

  • When people hear and obey God's Word, their lives are transformed

  • Start slow to grow fast (invest in a few who will reach others)

  • Expect God to do the unexpected (expect miracles)!

  • Focus on people who hear and obey

  • Facilitate, don't teach (allows for rapid multiplication)

  • Model it, don't just tell

  • The Gospel is best expressed and experienced in a redemptive community

  • "Insiders" are more effective in reaching their community than "outsiders"

M28 Values

  • M28 is a lifestyle, not a program

  • M28 is incarnational -- we go to them

  • M28 is about God-directed results

  • M28 is discipling to salvation, not converting to discipleship

  • M28 is about making disciple-makers, not just converts (multiplication vs. addition)

  • M28 is obedience-focused, not knowledge-focused

  • M28 is about transformation, not information

  • M28 is about passing on what you have discovered

  • M28 is simple, relevant, and reproducible

M28 Priorities

  • Facilitate discovery, don't teach

  • Release "ownership" to the group as soon as possible

  • Look and prioritize for spiritual seekers (especially a "Person of Peace")

M28 Tools

M28 Bible Discovery - Process

IMPORTANT: The M28 Bible Discovery experience introduces participants to God's life-changing truths found in the Bible and imprints them with core dimensions of redemptive community.

3 Components:

  • Connect (builds biblical community)

  • Discover (introduces participants to God's truth)

  • Respond (keeps the focus on obedience)


How It Works

The foundation of the M28 Global Discipleship model is the M28 Bible Discovery experience. Once spiritual seekers have been identified, we meet with them to go over a simple truth-discovery process. Afterwards, they are encouraged to do the same with their friends, family, or acquaintances and share what happened. This is the start of an M28 Bible Discovery Group.

M28 Bible Discovery relies on God’s Word as the final authority (blueprint) for our life and practice, and on the Holy Spirit as our God-given life guide. Focusing on only one Bible passage at a time without using outside sources, we invite all in the group to participate in discovering and discussing truths found in the passage (following the M28 Discovery Guide). The key areas of focus during the M28 Bible Discovery experience are to Connect (with each other), Discover (God’s Truth), and Respond (to what was learned).

What if there is no group available? Can you still do M28 Bible Discovery on your own? Yes, you can! Simply follow the M28 Bible Discovery process to discover God's Truth in the suggested passages (or any other bible passage), then obey what it says and watch transformation happen in your life. At the same time, we strongly encourage you find other truth-seekers  you can invite to join you in the M28 Bible Discovery process -- so they too can experience the power and joy of transformation in their lives.

M28 Bible Discovery • Time
An M28 Bible Discovery session can be covered in 1 hour, though 1.5 to 2 hours is preferred (if possible) to allow for more connection time and deeper discussion of the bible passage. A good place to start is to allocate the time for each of the M28 Bible Discovery components in the following way: 25% Connecting, 50% Discovering, and 25% Responding. 

M28 Bible Discovery • Preparation
Step 1:  The M28 coach invites a group member to facilitate next week's session
Step 2:  The M28 coach meets with the group facilitator prior to the M28 Bible Discovery to review the Facilitator Guidelines and facilitation process, answer questions, and pray
Step 3:  The M28 coach prays daily for the upcoming M28 Bible Discovery session, as well as, during the session

M28 Bible Discovery • Facilitation
Step 1:  The facilitator opens the session by welcoming everyone to the discovery time
Step 2: The facilitator reads the Group Guidelines out loud for the entire group (repeat this every few weeks or if the group is getting off track)
Step 3:  The facilitator guides the group through the Facilitator Guide questions, encouraging everyone to participate
Step 4:  The facilitator ends the discussion time by praying or asking a volunteer to pray
Step 5:  The group decides when and where they will next meet

M28 Bible Discovery • Follow-Up
Meet with the previous session's facilitator to thank and encourage them, find out what was learned through the process, answer any further questions, and pray for him/her