Principle: Obedient disciples bear fruit and multiply other disciples. They equip new believers to share the seed of God's Word and work with their acquaintances and friends.

Purpose: Equipping and sending out disciples to be disciple-makers

Description: Equipping and sending out disciple-makers who will find other spiritual seekers, engage with them (and their communities), lead them in truth discovery, and equip them to be disciple-makers

Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20Mark 4:20Mark 16:15John 15:8,162 Corinthians 5:17-202 Timothy 2:2


  • Model/imprint a lifestyle of Worship, God's Word, Obedience, Prayer, Witness, Fellowship, and Service/Care

  • Teach about their calling (identity), mission (purpose), vision (opportunities), and mentoring (follow-up)