How It Works

All you need is God's Word and the Holy Spirit to lead people to Truth, and if they choose to obey it, transformation happens!


The foundation of the M28 Global Discipleship model is the M28 Bible Discovery experience.


Once a spiritual seeker has been identified, we meet with them to go over a simple truth discovery process. Afterwards, they are encouraged to do the same with their friends, family, or acquaintances and to share what happened. This is the start of an M28 Bible Discovery group.


An M28 Bible Discovery relies on God’s Word as the final authority (blueprint) for our life and practice, and on the Holy Spirit as our ultimate guide. Focusing on only one Bible passage at a time, and without using outside sources, we invite all in the group to participate in discovering and applying truths found in the passage (following the M28 Facilitator’s Guide). The key areas of focus during the M28 Bible Discovery experience are to Connect (with each other),  Discover (God’s Truth), and Respond (to what was learned).


M28 Bible Discovery - Key Passages


For each discovery time, you want to focus on one passage to discover what God wants each participant to see, understand, obey, and share. If you are going through this for the first time, find an M28 coach who can help you. Because we may not have two years of weekly meetings with the same group, the "God's Story" shortlist of passages is designed to help students get the big picture and meet the God of the Bible within a school semester (you will need to select the number of passages to fit the students' semester schedule).

Group Leaders/Coaches:

You can add or skip passages as necessary, based on the needs or issues that surface during the discussion sessions (or from the facilitator). For example, if some students are struggling with fear, you could do a Bible Discovery on Psalm 143.


Always let students discover for themselves what the Bible, and God, is saying about the passage/topic being explored.


M28 Bible Discovery - Time

An M28 Bible Discovery session can be covered in 1 hour, though 1.5 to 2 hours is preferred (if available) to allow for more connection time and deeper discussion of the Bible passage. A good place to start is to allocate the time for each of the M28 Bible Discovery components in the following way: 25% Connecting, 50% Discovering, and 25% Responding


M28 Bible Discovery - Preparation

Step 1 - The M28 coach invites a group member to facilitate next week's session.

Step 2 - The M28 coach meets with the group facilitator prior to the M28 Bible Discovery to review the Facilitator Guidelines and facilitation process, answer questions, and pray.

Step 3 - The M28 coach prays daily for the upcoming M28 Bible Discovery session as well as during the session.


M28 Bible Discovery - Facilitation

Step 1 - The facilitator opens the session by welcoming everyone to the discovery time.

Step 2 - The facilitator reads the Group Guidelines out loud for the entire group (repeat this every few weeks or if the group is getting off track).

Step 3 - The facilitator guides the group through the Facilitator Guide questions, encouraging everyone to participate.

Step 4 - The facilitator ends the discussion time by praying or asking a volunteer to pray.

Step 5 - The group decides when and where they will meet next.


M28 Bible Discovery - Follow-Up

Meet with previous session's facilitator to thank and encourage him/her, find out what was learned through the process, answer any further questions, and pray for him/her.