Disciple Mentoring Form

Thank you for your desire to grow in your faith and deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. Please use this form to enter your responses to each of the questions listed below -- as you discover truth from the passage of the Bible you are investigating. Your mentor will be responding to your comments, giving their feedback and personal insights as appropriate. God bless you as you engage with His truth and respond in humble obedience.

Type your response to each question below in the box provided.
STEP 1. In a group, take turns reading sections of the passage out loud (if alone, read the passage out loud to yourself) STEP 2. In a group, one person reads the passage out loud while the rest listen (if alone, listen to an audio reading of the passage) STEP 3. In a group, one person retells the passage in his/her own words (if alone, retell the passage to yourself in your own words, without looking at the passage). Check to see how accurate you were.
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